The first thing we will practice is the idea of constructing the figure from basic shapes.  This begins with the basic shapes.

The Circle, the Square, and the Triangle are our basic shapes.

From a design standpoint we must realize that we can create many complex pictures by simply combining these basic shapes.  They start out very basic, but become complex and varied as we assemble them together.

Very rough, very quick, and very easy. Simply combine basic shapes.

We can also construct the human form.

The Basic Shape Figure, or mannequin. As simple as this is, it is far better than the stick figure.

Stick figure man.

Although this is very basic, we must not get impatient.  WE must practice these basic shapes so that we improve our fine motor skills and develop our eye.  Use these as exercises to warm up.  In fact, a good exercise is to draw successive shapes that overlap each other and connect to form secondary shapes.  Just keep adding more and more.  Practice the motion, practice in different sizes and practice seeing them as 3 dimensional forms.

Warm up and practice using one shape at a time and fill the page. See what you can come up with.

Once we have the basic shapes down we need to start thinking about them as FORMS, or shapes that have three dimensions.  Of course, our drawings will always be two-dimensional, but we want to learn how to make them look as if they were three-dimensional.

Our basic shapes become FOUR basic FORMS. CUBE, SPHERE, CONE, and CYLINDER.