Just thought I’d post some samples of work that I have been working on this last week or two.  One is a scene from a promo video we are making to promote an animation studio (Golden Street Animatiion Productions).  This has actually been in the works for several weeks, but I have been trying to finish it up this last week.  The others include some storyboard panels from a short film project for a visitor center in Rome, Italy, and a corporate training video (the cartoony one). I also have a portrait that I have been working on for awhile, and just finished it up.  And another portrait that has been kicking around.  Actually I gave the original to a good friend who was visiting from Romania a couple of years ago, and I recently decided to make some improvements digitally.  Enjoy.

bg illustration

The establishing shot

storyboard panel-1

Storyboard panel drawing

storyboad panel 2

Another storyboard panel


An oil portrait.


There does come a point where with enough training and practice, one can draw from memory and create some pretty convincing things.  Having taken the “Drawing the Human Head” course last year at UVU from Patrick Devonas, as well as the “Figure Structure” (from Patrick), I’m finding that my drawing has improved a great deal.  The storyboard panels were all drawn from memory with no photo or live reference.