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Drawing Drills

I am teaching a class in Drawing for Animation. In connection to that I have another blog that covers the class material:

It’s fun to delve into what really makes a drawing “good.” I’d rather look at a drawing that has personality than an amazingly life-like rendering with all the detail and minutia. I am trying to teach the students in the class about building a drawing using the basic shapes. At first they were reluctant to get into it, choosing rather to jump ahead to the details. I think I’m starting to get through to them. The stuff they turned in today is starting to look pretty good indeed.
The top drawing is from one of the students, and the group below that are some samples that I am having them use to practice and study from.

Entertaining before Technical

Welcome to 2010. I continue to develop art for licensing, and illustrate a children’s book. I am trying to make sure that each drawing and illustration is as entertaining as it can be. Realism and correctness of proportions and other such academic technicalities must come second to entertainment. Not that they are not important and worthwhile things to strive for, but so often the best entertainment appeal comes only after you have distorted and twisted the “realities” to some degree.

For a friend, I am posting a photo of me and my large statue that I made a couple of years ago.
The statue was made with an underlying armature of welded steel, styrofoam blocks layered over that, and finally modeling clay on the surface. The whole thing was then cast in silicone and a fiberglass cast was made.