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Do you call this Matte Painting?

Recently I was involved in a commercial film project to help promote the State of Utah as a film destination.  The project was sponsored by the Utah State Film Commission under the direction of Marshall Moore, and produced by Cosmic Pictures.  The Directors were two young students (Kevin Bowden and Tasha Neilson) who had won the opportunity through a competition that had been held by the State.

The concept required a large landscape painting of some rugged Utah mountains that would then fall to reveal the actual scenery.  What starts out as a plein air painting transforms into a film set.

I did the storyboards for the spot, and then produced the large (9 1/2 x 5 foot) painting.

I’m trying to figure out what this painting would be called.  A Matte Painting?  A Scenic Painting?

Storm Mountain painting

The finished painting

Location shoot with painting

The actor and film crew with my painting

source photograph

Photograph of the actual scenery

As soon as the finished spot becomes available, I’ll post it.