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Disney Characters

I just thought I would share some Disney drawings that I have done over the years.  I find the Disney characters to be so well designed and fun to draw.  Fun though they may be, they are very difficult to do right.


Story Sketches by Utah illustrator, Sean Sullivan

Sketches done for a Random House publication, "Stitch has a Glitch" 2005.


Disney characters by Sean Sullivan.

Various Disney characters.


Doing Disney characters correctly takes practice. These come from a practice sheet.


These drawings mostly come from different licensing projects that I have done.


Both rough pencils and clean up finals can be seen here.


Lilo and Stitch was my favorite film to work on.


We certainly can't forget our dear friends in the hundred acre wood.


This sample of line to color comes from a puzzle that I did back in 1992 for Little Golden Book.


Disney art, by Sean Sullivan

This book cover illustration of Lilo and Stitch was done in watercolor, the original medium in which the film was done.


Illustration of Nani, by former Disney Artist, Sean Sullivan, from Utah.

Somebody asked what would happen if we mixed a Disney character with a Marvel Comic character? The answer, Nani as the invisible woman.

Traditional Animation

I am excited to share a little animated short that I played a part in.  This is for Golden Street Animation Studios.  I did all the layouts, and the background painting for the opening shot.  If you please, you may link onto to facebook or view it on Youtube.

Unfortunately as of late most all of the work I have been doing is highly confidential.  Some clients tend to be very secretive about their projects.  I won’t say what these projects are about or who they are for, but I will show some snippets (partials and details) of my recent work.

Concept sketch for a themed area.


Detail from a book cover.

Some celebrity mouse guy.



Illustration Examples

Here are some examples of my work. Disney work for theme parks in Tokyo and Orlando. The centaurette from Fantasia, and a portion of a mural from the Tower of Terror attraction in Tokyo. Also children’s book illustrations.