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D-Day painting

I would like to make a quick addition to the D-Day post today.  This painting is in commemoration of the Allied Invasion of France (Europe) on June 6th, 1944, commonly known as D-Day.  The term D-Day was a generic military phrase that referred to any day on which a particular invasion or mission was to take place.  There was a corresponding H-Hour that was the designated hour that the invasion was planned to commence.  Operation “Overlord” (the actual code name for the invasion of Europe) was to become such a momentous and pivotal event in history, that the use of the term D-Day as it correlates to any other military invasion, before or since has become rather meaningless.


First wave at Omaha Beach

Members of the 116th Infantry Regiment who came from the Virginia and Maryland area National  Guard were among the first to set foot on the beaches of Normandy.  They were part of the 29th Infantry Division.  Some companies such as “A” company from this regiment suffered losses as high as 90%.  Troops arriving later in the day would still be horrified at the red color of the surf  from the blood of these young men.

Bedford, a small town in Virginia had more of it’s sons and brothers die on that beach, on that day, than any other town in America (on a per capita basis).  It is for this reason that the National D-Day memorial is located today in Bedford.

Statue at D-Day memorial

D-Day memorial at Bedford VA

The similarities between the poses of this statue and my painting are purely coincidental, but nevertheless profound.

wide view of statuary at D-Day memorial

Going ashore

The only thing that bothers me about showing my painting is that too many people think that I am remembering or commemorating the movie “Saving Private Ryan”.  It is not the movie I am paying homage to, but rather the historical event.  I wish more people understood the sacrifices that were made by my father’s generation for the cause of freedom around the world.