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Animation class

Material for 2D animation DESAN 262.


Drawing well is essential for 2D animation. The ability to control the tip of the pencil and make meaningful marks to describe an object is called draftsmanship. The ability to design the drawing in a way that suggests a three-dimensional form is called solid drawing. For animation, the artist needs to be able to “draw through”. This means that he should be able to draw the basic landmarks not only on the front side where they would naturally be visible, but also on the back side.


It is very helpful to be able to build the drawing from the ground up using basic shapes that can easily be controlled and positioned in whatever way is required. Basic shapes can be critical in helping to figure out oblique angles and extreme foreshortening.


Creating depth in your drawing.

Creating depth in your drawing.

Rough drawing a three-dimensional looking cylinder using just two ovals and two lines. basic shape excercise_page 5

Notice how bugs is constructed using basic shapes, drawing through, and construction lines.

Notice how bugs is constructed using basic shapes, drawing through, and construction lines.

basic shape excercise_page 7 basic shape excercise_page 6 basic shape excercise_page 5 basic shape excercise_page 4 basic shape excercise_page 3 basic shape excercise_page 2 basic shape excercise_page 1

Warm-up and practice exercise.

Warm-up and practice exercise.

The figure made up of basic shapes.

The figure made up of basic shapes.

Traditional Animation

I am excited to share a little animated short that I played a part in.  This is for Golden Street Animation Studios.  I did all the layouts, and the background painting for the opening shot.  If you please, you may link onto to facebook or view it on Youtube.

Unfortunately as of late most all of the work I have been doing is highly confidential.  Some clients tend to be very secretive about their projects.  I won’t say what these projects are about or who they are for, but I will show some snippets (partials and details) of my recent work.

Concept sketch for a themed area.


Detail from a book cover.

Some celebrity mouse guy.



Mermaid animation.

I would love to hear feedback on my animation.  The quicktime movie clip is posted below as “Color Animation Clip”.

smack animation still.

Still frame from animation clip.

I will be starting an animation class his week and look forward to improving my skills.


Color animation clip

Recent Animation.

Just wanted to post a little diddy that I recently did.  It is for a web site, that a company is putting together.  I won’t attempt to explain why the guy gets smacked in two different ways.  I had fun doing it, hope you enjoy.

Color animation clip

Also, let me share some designs that were done as film props.  In other words, these designs were worked up to be used in a film segment where two people were signing a deal over a futuristic eco-car.  These were displayed in the board room as if they had been part of a big high-powered presentation.  The copy (words) that appears on the panels is mostly nonsense since it would never be seen in the film.

Mock-up designs for a futuristic eco-car.

Design mock-ups.

Design mock-ups of a futristic eco-car.

Second panel mock-up.

New work-in-progress video.

Please take a minute and view the latest version for the Golden Street Animation Studio’s promo video.  Look to the right under “Animation”, latest update, and it will link you right to the YouTube page.

I did the layouts and the opening background.  Hopefully we’ll get some better color on it.

Animation promo.

Please check out my new link that will show you some animation in progress.  It’s he Golden Street Animation promotional video, work-in-progress.

Frankenstein’s lab

I’m having fun working on good ol’ traditional animation.  Working with the Golden Street Animation studios, I am creating layouts for a promotional reel.  Soon I hope to be able to share the reel in it’s entirety, but for now I will just tease with some early layout drawings.

Frankie's lab

This is where the magic happens

Spooky house

The creepy villa

Animation Drawings

E. Green

A series of animation poses

The server is acting up and running so very slow.  I’ll keep it short.  These are some recent animation poses that I’ve done in preparation for an upcoming short from Golden Street Animation Studios.

Traditional Animation is NOT dead!

I spent 15 years in animation with Disney and Don Bluth (and some others along the way).  That was all “traditional” which means that it was not computer animation.  Computers may have been used to record drawings and help get them on film, but the artwork was done by hand, with paper and pencil.  Or in my case, as a backgrounds painter, with paint and paintbrush.

When Disney shut down the Orlando studio, the traditional animation industry seemed to be dealt the death blow.  All the other animation studios seemed to say “If Disney won’t pursue traditional animation then neither shall we”, and everybody went crazy on computer animation projects.

I have always said (since that day in March 2004) that traditional animation will come back around some day.  These things tend to be cyclical.  Some day someone will make a great film (traditionally) and everyone will think, “Hey , what a great idea.  why don’t they make cartoons like this anymore?”  Then everybody will want to jump on that band wagon and we’ll start seeing traditional animation again.

I know that Disney came out with The Princess and The Frog which made $104,000,000, but knowing Disney, it probably cost them that much to make it.  Furthermore, it seems to have failed at making that big splash that it would take to mark the return of traditional animation.

I have had the pleasure of working on a project, the details of which I am not at liberty to disclose, but the quality of which has demonstrated to me that there are others out there that still know how to do it the good old fashioned way.

animation pose

traditional animation drawings

animation drawing

the second pose

next pose in sequence

the third pose

animation pose

from a following scene

scene 13

happy ending

Animation Backgrounds

Looking back over some animation backgrounds that I painted long ago, and thought I’d share them here. The top image is from Disney’s Pocahontas.

This is from a Don Bluth film, “Thumbelina”. The film itself has many shortcomings, yet contains some beautiful artwork. I cut my teeth as a background painter on this film.

This is by far the most “famous” background that I painted while at Disney. It was a beautiful moment between father and daughter in the story as well as a pretty picture (MULAN).

This scene was featured in promotional spreads in TIME magazine, and newspapers around the world. Disney also used it for reproduction cels.