Tower of Terror, Tokyo Disney Seas.

Well, shame on me.  I make a pretty pitiful blogger.  A long time ago (May 2010), I started writing about a project I did back in 2004, and I never even came close to finishing up the entries.  The project: The murals for the Tower of Terror in Tokyo, Japan.  I shall now post the rest of the pictures.





Romania, Egypt, and Meso America.

The story goes like this… Harrison Hightower was a wealthy Hotel magnet in the early 1900’s. From his home base in New York City, he travels the world looking for rare and strange art objects to bring home and add to his exotic collection.  While in Africa, he picks up a voodoo idol that has a curse that comes with it.  Once back in his hotel, he boards the elevator with this strange figurine and is never seen again.  The elevator crashes into a heap and neither Hightower nor the doll are ever recovered.  After many years the Hotel is re-opened and you are invited to take a ride on the same elevator!

This is the back story of the thrill ride, and filling the lobby of the hotel where the guests queue up for the ride, are a number of murals that illustrate the adventures of Hightower as he travels the world collecting his rarities.  I painted these murals for this Disney ride venue in Tokyo.

The murals include Africa, Greece, Rome, Meso America, Mesopotamia, Romania, Japan, Easter Island, Egypt, India, and back in New York with a view of the Grand Hightower Hotel. Above are the mural panels for Romania, Egypt and Meso America.






Easter Island.

Easter Island.







It’s About Time…

Here it is March already, and I have yet to post something this year.  Well it’s about time that I do, right?

Just or kicks…  here’s a piece that I started back in 1975.  Typical of the stuff I did back then, I was copying, I didn’t finish it, and I used the wrong material.





How about some storyboards from recent work?

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Just a smattering, but most of the latest material can’t be shown in it’s entirety for confidentiality reasons.