Mexican Wrestling commercial

Here’s a commercial that has probably not been seen much.  I did the boards for it, and I think is a lot of fun.

Storyboards panel by Utah storyboard artist Sean Sullivan.

Mexican wrestling story.



Storyboard panel, Wrestling, Sean Sullivan storyboard artist.

Storyboard panel.





Mormon Ad, Runaway Stage.  This is an add promoting spending time with your family from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I did boards for this as well as a mini movie poster.


Drawing, Storyboard,  by Utah storyboard artist K Sean Sullivan.

Opening storyboard panel.


storyboard panel by K Sean Sullivan

The brake lever fails and the coachman falls.


Storyboard panel by Utah artist Sean Sullivan.

The lady cries for help, "Runaway stage!"


Storyboard Panel.

Storyboard panel.


Drawing, Storyboard,  by Utah animation artist K Sean Sullivan.

Catching the stage.


This shot in particular came out almost exactly like the storyboard panel. That's always fun.


Don't forget to play with your kids.


Illustration, movie poster, Utah illustrator Sean Sullivan.

The "poster". These spots won awards for best PSA.

Utah FIlm Commission “Spot On” commercial.

Utah Film Commission \”Spot On\” add.  Here is a short commercial spot that was done to promote Utah as a location for motion picture production.  I did the storyboards and also the large painting used in the shoot.

Here are some panels from storyboards, and a picture of the painting.


Storyboard panel, by Utah illustrator K Sean Sullivan

Storyboard panel.


Storyboard artist Sean Sullivan for the Utah Film Commission.

Transition to film crew.


Matte painting by Utah artist Sean Sullivan.

The painting in my driveway.


Matte painting by Sean Sullivan on location in Utah.

On location with the matte painting.