What Medium?

Someone asked me about my abilities in different media.  One thing I learned in my years of experience in animation at the Disney, Don Bluth and other studios, how to paint in different media.  Yes I can paint digitally, but I have also mastered acrylic, gouache, and watercolor.  None of them were a simple task, and I am proud of the versatility that developed from mastering these traditional media.

Traditional animation, background painting, Disney's Aladdin, by former Disney artist K Sean Sullivan.

Gouache is a fantastic medium.


Traditional animation, background painting, Disney's Bambi-test-, by former Disney artist K Sean Sullivan.

Another gouache background. Bambi.


This gouache test background was one of several that helped me win employment at Disney's as a senior painter.


Watercolor from Lilo and Stitch.


Acrylic from Mulan.


Digital from My Peoples. The film Disney refused to make.


Another digital. This one designed to look like a hand painted piece.


Perhaps the most difficult of all; gouache wash. Used as a transparent wash, like watercolor, all the lights in this gouache painting come from the white illustration board.


I know how to paint in oils too.


Dali in oil.


I wouldn’t trade my traditional media experience for all the software in the world.


12 Dogs of Christmas II

They took this still during the filming and I thought it looked nice next to my story sketch.  Fun to see your work materialize.


Danni jumping the horse.