Some New Stuff

I am taking a break from preparing my taxes. Then I’m heading off to a location shoot for a film on which I recently did storyboard work.


Production Design sketch. 12 DOgs of Christmas II.

A sketch for production design. 12 Dogs of Christmas II.


Drawing, Storyboard, by Utah animation artist K Sean Sullivan.

Story sketch for the film.


Storyboard panel.

Storyboard panel


Storyboard panel, by Utah illustrator K Sean Sullivan

Story sketch. One of Doug Sues' grizzlies.

Polynesian Cultural Center

I ran across these pics front the Polynesian Cultural Center that show parts of the mural that I created last year.

Sullivan's mural at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Interior of the Gateway building.

In addition to doing the mural artwork, I also designed the lighting sconces, which appear as huge sea shells that sit high on the columns.  They were manufactured by Western Architectural Services in Draper, Utah, where I used to work as a sculptor.

Lighting sconces and a corner of the mural (Tonga).

The Tongan section of the mural which represents all of the major Island cultures of Polynesia.

Here are the original renderings for the design concept of the sconces.

The main bowl type shell. These are very large. About 34" across.


The "ice cream cone" sea shell. Perhaps a subliminal effort to increase the appetite?

I should say that I did the renderings.  The basic idea was developed by Mike Lee, Spencer Harris and myself.  Mike Lee is the owner of Michael Lee Design.  He runs the show, and I do work for him.


This is Alfred Grace welcoming everyone to the grand opening.


A clearer look at the mural that appears behind Alfred.

The outside of the building was also redesigned.

One of two main entries to the Gateway building.


Concept rendering. Spencer Harris did the sketchup work, and I did the illustrative embellishment.


The old entryway.

Paris Jackson

When I was young, I remember hearing about how an illustrator’s work can get changed after it has been submitted.  That has certainly happened to me more than once.  It can be rather frustrating and demoralizing.

I thought I would place the two book covers side by side for examination.  It really is not a problem that they pasted Paris Jackson’s photograph over my illustration except for three things.


Before and after with Paris Jackson.


One. They stuck a photograph down in the middle of an illustration, so stylistically it looks pasted on.  I don’t find that appealing.

Two: The photograph of Paris doesn’t look very much like Paris.  I’ve never met her, but studied numerous photos of her in preparation for this assignment.  It didn’t dawn on me for quite some time that the girl that now sits on the cover is Paris.

and Three: She’s looking off into nowhere.  The direction of her gaze does not coincide with the water monster to the side.

Where have I been? Paris?

I have recently found some pics online that show some of my not so recent work.  Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter made the news sometime at the end of 2011 on the Ellen Degeneres show.

Paris on the Ellen show.

Her big announcement was that she was going to star in an upcoming motion picture!  It’s called “Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys”.  Hey, I’ve heard of that film.  That’s the film for which I was hired to be the Head of Storyboards and Head of Visual Development.  Hasn’t happened yet, but they’re still working on getting it up and running, I think.

I also did the book cover (sort of).

"Lundon't Bridge, the three keys" book cover.

I made this proposal for the first cover design, using Paris’ face, but they didn’t want the girl to actually look like Paris yet (what if she didn’t sign?).  They asked me to try again, and make it more juvenile.

My first proposal.


Then I illustrated this cover, using a girl that could maybe look like Paris, sort of, but could also pass for somebody else, in case Paris decided not to sign for the show.

The final cover illustration that I delivered to Sandman Studios.

This was done in a real big hurry, because they were planning on the Ellen Show happening within a certain time frame, and they needed to get this to the printer to have the books made to be used in the big “prime time” rollout.  They wanted this to hit at about the same time as the trial for Michael Jackson’s sorry excuse for a doctor.  The family was hoping that this would serve to offset all that icky publicity with something wonderful and good.

The trial got postponed for a week or so, the Ellen Show appearance didn’t happen when they thought it would, and I lost track of what the heck was going on.  The next thing I know, this book cover had been released, and they’d slapped a photograph of Paris over my illustration in order to sell more books.

So now my book cover must be famous!


I also did this concept illustration for the movie.  They have it posted on several promotional youtube presentations , and I think their website.  So, even though I was initially sworn to secrecy, they are showing it, so I will too.

One of the under-sea characters from the film, "Lundon's Bridge, and the Three Keys".


Who knows what will ever become of this project.  I sure don’t.