Mermaid animation.

I would love to hear feedback on my animation.  The quicktime movie clip is posted below as “Color Animation Clip”.

smack animation still.

Still frame from animation clip.

I will be starting an animation class his week and look forward to improving my skills.


Color animation clip

Recent Animation.

Just wanted to post a little diddy that I recently did.  It is for a web site, that a company is putting together.  I won’t attempt to explain why the guy gets smacked in two different ways.  I had fun doing it, hope you enjoy.

Color animation clip

Also, let me share some designs that were done as film props.  In other words, these designs were worked up to be used in a film segment where two people were signing a deal over a futuristic eco-car.  These were displayed in the board room as if they had been part of a big high-powered presentation.  The copy (words) that appears on the panels is mostly nonsense since it would never be seen in the film.

Mock-up designs for a futuristic eco-car.

Design mock-ups.

Design mock-ups of a futristic eco-car.

Second panel mock-up.