The portrait is a funny thing.  It is the art of capturing a piece of a person’s soul.  Perhaps capture is not the ideal word, for you don’t remove it from the subject.  You record it.  It can be very personal and certainly touches upon the individual’s ego and self regard.  You are not only playing with their outward appearance, but also with their most intimate feelings about themselves.  This is why I don’t have the courage to do many portraits for commission.  I do however, like to paint people.  I just avoid doing it as a commission, for money, for them.  Attached are some samples of my more successful works of portraiture.

Portrait of Doug

A fellow that I used to work with on the Salt Lake County Fire Department.


A small portrait of Marcel Duchamp (from a photo).


A copy of one of Rembrandt's many self-portraits.


Georgia O'Keefe (from photo).

From life, unkown model.

My most recent endeavor….

girl portrait

Oil on canvas, from life, with photo reference.

Updated illustrations

A while back I posted some art that I was working on.  We are promoting an animation company called Golden Street Animation Studios.  Do a search on YouTube to see some of the things that we have been doing.  Here are the same pieces that I posted in August all finished up.

Interior lab key

This is a color key to establish the look of the interior.

haunted house

The finished background painting.

Also, some detail sections.

A better look at some of the detail.

Painted in Photoshop.

Animation promo.

Please check out my new link that will show you some animation in progress.  It’s he Golden Street Animation promotional video, work-in-progress.


Wow, they say that time flies when you’re having fun.  It also flies when you’ve been very busy.

I figure it’s time for a posting.  It’s been so long since I posted anything about the Tower of Terror murals.  I’m also pleased to see so many people logging on from around the world.  So to honor those who have been checking out the sight from India, I share with you the mural of Harrison Hightower’s adventures in India.

India-Tower of Terror

The folks don't seem to mind so much that he's taking that ugly creature home.

I really enjoyed painting this one.  The elephant was fun to research and I was happy with the sky’s reflections in the irrigation troughs.  Initially I was painting it with a very strong golden sunset.

work in progress

Early, roughed in painting.

The early version was very golden.

I can’t remember why I changed it.  Perhaps it was a choice involving the overall color scheme in the lobby and with the other paintings.

value sketch

The initial block-in with no color. A value study.

I’ll include here some details and reference photos that I used.

Elephant photo reference

The elephant was fun to paint.

Weird looking monster.

I don’t know what the origin of this monster is.  I don’t know if it is modeled after some authentic Indian sculpture or not.  The design was given to me by Disney.  There is a large artifact that is present somewhere on the grounds or basement of the Tower of Terror that looks just like this thing.

A very Blue version.

The final version.