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Animation class

Material for 2D animation DESAN 262.


Drawing well is essential for 2D animation. The ability to control the tip of the pencil and make meaningful marks to describe an object is called draftsmanship. The ability to design the drawing in a way that suggests a three-dimensional form is called solid drawing. For animation, the artist needs to be able to “draw through”. This means that he should be able to draw the basic landmarks not only on the front side where they would naturally be visible, but also on the back side.


It is very helpful to be able to build the drawing from the ground up using basic shapes that can easily be controlled and positioned in whatever way is required. Basic shapes can be critical in helping to figure out oblique angles and extreme foreshortening.


Creating depth in your drawing.

Creating depth in your drawing.

Rough drawing a three-dimensional looking cylinder using just two ovals and two lines. basic shape excercise_page 5

Notice how bugs is constructed using basic shapes, drawing through, and construction lines.

Notice how bugs is constructed using basic shapes, drawing through, and construction lines.

basic shape excercise_page 7 basic shape excercise_page 6 basic shape excercise_page 5 basic shape excercise_page 4 basic shape excercise_page 3 basic shape excercise_page 2 basic shape excercise_page 1

Warm-up and practice exercise.

Warm-up and practice exercise.

The figure made up of basic shapes.

The figure made up of basic shapes.

What Medium?

Someone asked me about my abilities in different media.  One thing I learned in my years of experience in animation at the Disney, Don Bluth and other studios, how to paint in different media.  Yes I can paint digitally, but I have also mastered acrylic, gouache, and watercolor.  None of them were a simple task, and I am proud of the versatility that developed from mastering these traditional media.

Traditional animation, background painting, Disney's Aladdin, by former Disney artist K Sean Sullivan.

Gouache is a fantastic medium.


Traditional animation, background painting, Disney's Bambi-test-, by former Disney artist K Sean Sullivan.

Another gouache background. Bambi.


This gouache test background was one of several that helped me win employment at Disney's as a senior painter.


Watercolor from Lilo and Stitch.


Acrylic from Mulan.


Digital from My Peoples. The film Disney refused to make.


Another digital. This one designed to look like a hand painted piece.


Perhaps the most difficult of all; gouache wash. Used as a transparent wash, like watercolor, all the lights in this gouache painting come from the white illustration board.


I know how to paint in oils too.


Dali in oil.


I wouldn’t trade my traditional media experience for all the software in the world.


Disney Characters

I just thought I would share some Disney drawings that I have done over the years.  I find the Disney characters to be so well designed and fun to draw.  Fun though they may be, they are very difficult to do right.


Story Sketches by Utah illustrator, Sean Sullivan

Sketches done for a Random House publication, "Stitch has a Glitch" 2005.


Disney characters by Sean Sullivan.

Various Disney characters.


Doing Disney characters correctly takes practice. These come from a practice sheet.


These drawings mostly come from different licensing projects that I have done.


Both rough pencils and clean up finals can be seen here.


Lilo and Stitch was my favorite film to work on.


We certainly can't forget our dear friends in the hundred acre wood.


This sample of line to color comes from a puzzle that I did back in 1992 for Little Golden Book.


Disney art, by Sean Sullivan

This book cover illustration of Lilo and Stitch was done in watercolor, the original medium in which the film was done.


Illustration of Nani, by former Disney Artist, Sean Sullivan, from Utah.

Somebody asked what would happen if we mixed a Disney character with a Marvel Comic character? The answer, Nani as the invisible woman.

Traditional Animation

I am excited to share a little animated short that I played a part in.  This is for Golden Street Animation Studios.  I did all the layouts, and the background painting for the opening shot.  If you please, you may link onto to facebook or view it on Youtube.

Unfortunately as of late most all of the work I have been doing is highly confidential.  Some clients tend to be very secretive about their projects.  I won’t say what these projects are about or who they are for, but I will show some snippets (partials and details) of my recent work.

Concept sketch for a themed area.


Detail from a book cover.

Some celebrity mouse guy.



Recent Animation.

Just wanted to post a little diddy that I recently did.  It is for a web site, that a company is putting together.  I won’t attempt to explain why the guy gets smacked in two different ways.  I had fun doing it, hope you enjoy.

Color animation clip

Also, let me share some designs that were done as film props.  In other words, these designs were worked up to be used in a film segment where two people were signing a deal over a futuristic eco-car.  These were displayed in the board room as if they had been part of a big high-powered presentation.  The copy (words) that appears on the panels is mostly nonsense since it would never be seen in the film.

Mock-up designs for a futuristic eco-car.

Design mock-ups.

Design mock-ups of a futristic eco-car.

Second panel mock-up.

New work-in-progress video.

Please take a minute and view the latest version for the Golden Street Animation Studio’s promo video.  Look to the right under “Animation”, latest update, and it will link you right to the YouTube page.

I did the layouts and the opening background.  Hopefully we’ll get some better color on it.

Updated illustrations

A while back I posted some art that I was working on.  We are promoting an animation company called Golden Street Animation Studios.  Do a search on YouTube to see some of the things that we have been doing.  Here are the same pieces that I posted in August all finished up.

Interior lab key

This is a color key to establish the look of the interior.

haunted house

The finished background painting.

Also, some detail sections.

A better look at some of the detail.

Painted in Photoshop.

Animation promo.

Please check out my new link that will show you some animation in progress.  It’s he Golden Street Animation promotional video, work-in-progress.

Frankenstein’s lab

I’m having fun working on good ol’ traditional animation.  Working with the Golden Street Animation studios, I am creating layouts for a promotional reel.  Soon I hope to be able to share the reel in it’s entirety, but for now I will just tease with some early layout drawings.

Frankie's lab

This is where the magic happens

Spooky house

The creepy villa

Animation Drawings

E. Green

A series of animation poses

The server is acting up and running so very slow.  I’ll keep it short.  These are some recent animation poses that I’ve done in preparation for an upcoming short from Golden Street Animation Studios.