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Faces have always fascinated me. They have always challenged me as well. It is amazing how a minute change can make such a difference in expression, or the capture of a likeness. I have also realized that the face has such a powerful capacity to emote that it can still do so, even when a great deal of it is obscured, by shadow for example.

I like to draw from life, from photo ref, and from my imagination. The first image I share here is using a photo for reference, but not copying it directly, the next three are from life, the last four are from imagination.

Practice makes perfect. I need to keep practicing.


SGT Malarkey-port-comp





face_guy_82 hat girl anika jack frost 2CU TAROT CARD_HUNTER_CU FORLORN MAIDEN-crop small study

Themed Park concept art

Lately I have been working for a group that had intentions of developing a themed park in our area. They called it an adventure park. Unfortunately, they have no funding, so had to back off of their aspirations. I learned a lot about what it takes to organize a effort like this, and the processes and procedures that it requires. Especially leadership. I  was titled as the art director, and appreciate that experience.


Here is a concept piece that I did for that effort. It is supposed to be a pirate hideaway where the guest can enjoy dinning, shopping and entertainment, all in a delightfully themed setting.


Concept art.

Digital concept rendering for theme park.







Another piece is of an enchanted tree where a witch lived.

The witches tree at Evermore Park.

The witches tree at Evermore Park.

Evermore Park.

Original painting of a steampunk robot man.

Original painting of a steampunk robot man.

It seems to be a hobby of mine to get involved with projects that wind up in failure. The latest… Evermore. The adventure Park that is nevermore. I did however get to do some interesting art for the project.



Tarot Card of forlorn maiden.

Tarot Card of forlorn maiden.

Tarort card of the Con Man.

Tarort card of the Con Man.

Tarot Card of the Auctioneer.

Tarot Card of the Auctioneer.

Tarot card of the hunter.

Tarot card of the hunter.

Princess Line Drawings

line drawing by K Sean Sullivan

Line art of princess brushing hair.




Art by Utah storyboard artist, K. Sean Sullivan.

Line art of princess by window.


Line art by Utah artist K. Sean Sullivan.

Line art of princess on a grand stairway.


Art by former Disney artist, K. Sean Sullivan.

Line drawing of a princess dancing.


Art by K. Sean Sullivan

A young princess.


Line drawing, whether pen and ink, pencil, or computer software is a challenging art form and can be very beautiful.  I learned the finer points while working as a “clean-up” artist at animation studios.

Production drawing by former Disney artist, K. Sean Sullivan.

Clean-up animation drawing.

Drawing Faces

I’ve always enjoyed drawing faces.  Every one is identical init’s components, but totally unique at the same time.

Sketch of Rambo.

A page from my sketchbook that got eaten by my dog.


Pencil Drawing of a man in 1940's

A pencil portrait done in about 1984.


Pencil portrait.

The man's wife.


Pencil drawing of General Claire Chennault.

General Chennault of Flying Tigers fame.


Pencil portrait of a boy and his dog.

Pencil portrait of a boy and his dog.

Three kids.

Kids can be a challenge to draw well.


One third of the three Stooges.

One third of the Three Stooges.


Sketch of three children.

A preliminary sketch of three children.

Often, especially when drawing children, I work from photographs.  As often as I can, I work from life, such as this drawing of Patrick.

Pencil portrait of Patrick Devonas.

This is Patrick Devonas, who taught me a great deal about art.


Of course, there’s nothing more fun than a good caricature.

Caricature of Kobe.

You can tell who it is, right?


Caricature Pawn Star.

The guy from Pawn Stars.


And then, just fun cartoon type drawings.

Drawing by K. Sean Sullivan

No one in particular.


Mormon Ad, Runaway Stage.  This is an add promoting spending time with your family from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I did boards for this as well as a mini movie poster.


Drawing, Storyboard,  by Utah storyboard artist K Sean Sullivan.

Opening storyboard panel.


storyboard panel by K Sean Sullivan

The brake lever fails and the coachman falls.


Storyboard panel by Utah artist Sean Sullivan.

The lady cries for help, "Runaway stage!"


Storyboard Panel.

Storyboard panel.


Drawing, Storyboard,  by Utah animation artist K Sean Sullivan.

Catching the stage.


This shot in particular came out almost exactly like the storyboard panel. That's always fun.


Don't forget to play with your kids.


Illustration, movie poster, Utah illustrator Sean Sullivan.

The "poster". These spots won awards for best PSA.

What Medium?

Someone asked me about my abilities in different media.  One thing I learned in my years of experience in animation at the Disney, Don Bluth and other studios, how to paint in different media.  Yes I can paint digitally, but I have also mastered acrylic, gouache, and watercolor.  None of them were a simple task, and I am proud of the versatility that developed from mastering these traditional media.

Traditional animation, background painting, Disney's Aladdin, by former Disney artist K Sean Sullivan.

Gouache is a fantastic medium.


Traditional animation, background painting, Disney's Bambi-test-, by former Disney artist K Sean Sullivan.

Another gouache background. Bambi.


This gouache test background was one of several that helped me win employment at Disney's as a senior painter.


Watercolor from Lilo and Stitch.


Acrylic from Mulan.


Digital from My Peoples. The film Disney refused to make.


Another digital. This one designed to look like a hand painted piece.


Perhaps the most difficult of all; gouache wash. Used as a transparent wash, like watercolor, all the lights in this gouache painting come from the white illustration board.


I know how to paint in oils too.


Dali in oil.


I wouldn’t trade my traditional media experience for all the software in the world.


Some New Stuff

I am taking a break from preparing my taxes. Then I’m heading off to a location shoot for a film on which I recently did storyboard work.


Production Design sketch. 12 DOgs of Christmas II.

A sketch for production design. 12 Dogs of Christmas II.


Drawing, Storyboard, by Utah animation artist K Sean Sullivan.

Story sketch for the film.


Storyboard panel.

Storyboard panel


Storyboard panel, by Utah illustrator K Sean Sullivan

Story sketch. One of Doug Sues' grizzlies.

Where have I been? Paris?

I have recently found some pics online that show some of my not so recent work.  Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter made the news sometime at the end of 2011 on the Ellen Degeneres show.

Paris on the Ellen show.

Her big announcement was that she was going to star in an upcoming motion picture!  It’s called “Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys”.  Hey, I’ve heard of that film.  That’s the film for which I was hired to be the Head of Storyboards and Head of Visual Development.  Hasn’t happened yet, but they’re still working on getting it up and running, I think.

I also did the book cover (sort of).

"Lundon't Bridge, the three keys" book cover.

I made this proposal for the first cover design, using Paris’ face, but they didn’t want the girl to actually look like Paris yet (what if she didn’t sign?).  They asked me to try again, and make it more juvenile.

My first proposal.


Then I illustrated this cover, using a girl that could maybe look like Paris, sort of, but could also pass for somebody else, in case Paris decided not to sign for the show.

The final cover illustration that I delivered to Sandman Studios.

This was done in a real big hurry, because they were planning on the Ellen Show happening within a certain time frame, and they needed to get this to the printer to have the books made to be used in the big “prime time” rollout.  They wanted this to hit at about the same time as the trial for Michael Jackson’s sorry excuse for a doctor.  The family was hoping that this would serve to offset all that icky publicity with something wonderful and good.

The trial got postponed for a week or so, the Ellen Show appearance didn’t happen when they thought it would, and I lost track of what the heck was going on.  The next thing I know, this book cover had been released, and they’d slapped a photograph of Paris over my illustration in order to sell more books.

So now my book cover must be famous!


I also did this concept illustration for the movie.  They have it posted on several promotional youtube presentations , and I think their website.  So, even though I was initially sworn to secrecy, they are showing it, so I will too.

One of the under-sea characters from the film, "Lundon's Bridge, and the Three Keys".


Who knows what will ever become of this project.  I sure don’t.

Happy New Years!

I love Leyendecker's work. Here's a modern New Years Baby checking out the tally of the national debt.