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Here is a good look at an art print that came out this year.



001FINAL FOY CHARGE_smallThis is a depiction of the charge on the Belgian town of Foy in January 1945. It marked the beginning of the counter attack against, and the reversal of the German offensive called the “Battle of the Bulge”. Foy sits just outside of Bastogne. The men depicted here are members of Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. They are lead by Lt. Ronald Speirs. This event was depicted in the film “Band of Brothers”.

Here are actual photos of Spears.










The others in the painting are not intended to portray any specific individuals. Prints of the painting are sold by Valor Studios, who commissioned me to do the painting.


Band of Brothers, Sgt Donald Malarkey.

Band of Brothers member, Donald Malarkey.

Band of Brothers member, Donald Malarkey.

Just ruminating a bit.

As I starred at my blog and wondered what would be coming next in my life, I supposed that I might as well post something.  So why not a very badly drawn copy of a Bill Mauldin cartoon that I did when I was 15.  I was greatly influenced by Mauldin’s work, but would not even begin to be able to touch his eloquence for many, many more years.

Mine is obviously the one on the right.

Recently I returned to that great cartoon once again.  This time to lampoon my Brother and Sister-in-law who encountered a rat in their cupboard.

Okay, better, but I'm still no Mauldin.




Omaha Beach Painting

A while back I did a painting for a World War II veteran who had landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day + 3.  He was a delightful gentleman and had interesting tales to relate about his experiences in the war.  He wanted a painting that he could put in his front room that would be a remembrance of the D-Day invasion without the gore and horrors.

This oil painting now serves as a conversation piece, and depicts a non specific location on Normandy that makes visible the various elements of the terrain, such as the beach, the sea wall, the bluffs and hedge -rows.


Typical terrain at Normandy Beach

I am an ardent history buff when it comes to World War II.  I will be posting some of my paintings that are dedicated to that subject.  I wish I could focus on that full-time.  We must always remember, we must always be proud, we must always be prepared, so we can always be free.  Thanks to those who have sacrificed so much for the cause of freedom around the world.

D-Day painting detail

A young soldier facing the task